It took me long to make the decision to go to US to take part in handmade businesses conference in Vegas. It's realy a long trip from Portugal.

Vegas not inspiring at all, In fact I felt overwhelmed by everything there. Loud music, drunk people, kitch and casinos. I could not find anything interesting for me but..................... the conference was life changing for me:))) and I also hope for my business.

As suspenders store owner I always look for new ways to improve my service and product. You can never know what will inspire you, so keep your eyes wide open and explore:))

I could take a deep breath after leaving Vegas and heading to San Francisco. It seemed to be like crossing a border to a different dimension. San Francisco is spacious, organic, dog friendly, colorful and diverse. And I have to admit I am dreaming to move there  to experience the city vibe fully. Somehow SF fits to me or maybe I fit to  it.

It felt like home.

Having this in mind, having this goal I would like you to have a look at new bow ties  and suspenders sets in my Etsy store:)) Support travelling suspenders seller!!!