Style depends on your imagination and on your taste. 

I am not talking about fashion or trends,  I am talking about your unique way to express who you are with clothing.

I prepared a list of ideas about how to use suspenders to make a statement and to add personality to your outfit.


1. Traditional/ practical way- suspenders can help to keep your pants in place, so you can wear them with trousers:)))

2. Feminine way- who said that suspenders are only for men? Women suspenders can be worn  with skirt or shorts

3. Gentelmen look way- combine suspenders with a bow tie to achieve the perfect gentlemen look

4. Wedding style - wedding braces can compliment grooms or groomsmen attire

5. Street style - you don't need to look for special events to wear suspenders you can wear them everyday

6. Hipster style - beard, tatoots, hats and suspenders - the perfect match

7. Boho - suspenders don't have to be boring, I love those colorful and patterned

8. Minimalist - elegant, simple and classy suspenders are perfect for special occasions like proms, aniversaries, birthdays

9. Work suspenders - you don't have to lose your style while working in the garden

10. Boss style - no matter if you are a women or a men suspenders look super elegant combine with shirt or suit.


Zunka from Baboshka