Is your wedding in July or August?

I know that organizing wedding can be very stressful and overwhelming. But every year  I am experiencing the same in wedding season.

Many people are doing wedding preparations in the last moment. I am receiving again  and again ASAP orders from desperate grooms or groomsmen looking for wedding suspenders.

I wish I could fullfill your wishes but I can't...

In Baboshka we care about the precision and the quality of your products, they are not mass produced. studio....3 women working in silence. Each suspender needs time, concentration and special process, each strap has to be identical, each milimeter counts.

Sewing suspenders takes time, part of the work is made by hand.

Baboshka suspenders are made of fabric, not from elastic band.

Altough we do our best to deliver your order as fast as me can, sometimes it's just impossible to fullfill the order from one day to another.

We don't won't our products to loose their quality.

I hope you understand.