The new logotype is ready:))))

It took me and the graphic designers 2 weeks to chose the final version of Baboshka new logo.

I was not expecting that it will be so hard to create a new logotype, the process was difficult for me and I felt that my choice will have big influence on my brand. It was like giving a birth to a new stage of my brand.

Big decision.... at night I could not stop seeing  shapes, colors and fonts dancing in my head. It was not the same as in 2011 when I was starting Baboshka, everything was easier. I saw the previous logo, I love it from the first sight, DONE!!!

Well this time it was different. Maybe because I was more aware of what I want and what is important to me.

In my vision there was a sign that would represent the values of Baboshka - slow eco buisness/ high quality fancy suspenders for gentlemen with style and for rebelious women. Interesting mixture, isn't it?

But finally we made it and you can see new Baboshka graphic representation on all my social media profiles:




Please let me know if you like the logo, if it resonates with you:)))))