I started my buisness in 2012 with many crazy and colorful ideas in my mind. I was not thinking about the business potential of my products I was just following my vision.

It was a very creative time in my life when I was giving birth to many ideas....no compromise....just me and my creativity:)))

We have now the year 2018 and many things  have changed in Baboshka and in my life. I am not longer this crazy creative, dreaming soul........ well not at work:))) I feel more grounded, more buisness focused, more customers focused. Yes, you, my dear customer are very important for me, and actually you are showing me my way:))) and I am doing my best to follow.

I developed my shop in very specific direction which are suspenders, I know who my customers are and what they need. You won't be able to find anymore ethnic patterns, feathers and rainbow fringe in my shop - new era arrived and with new era new branding for Baboshka.

On 7 may you will be able to see my new logotype in my etsy shop and on all my social media profiles. I am super exciting about this fresh breeze in my shop. I hope you will love it as much as I do:)))

This is a new begining of something bigger!!!

Curious about new Baboshka branding? visit my shop on 7th may:)))