Already excited about your wedding?

This year I would like to help you with your wedding preparations and  give you a bigger selection of wedding suspenders.

I am a nature lover and I love rustic style. In my shop you can find many suspenders sets that will fit a rustic groom - rustic wedding.

As a person of many contrasts  I also like intensive colors like burgundy, do you?Burgundy combined with velvet=LOVE. These burgundy suspenders will compliment and add personality to any grooms attire. You can say "I love you" not only with words and deads but also with your styling.

If burgundy is too much for you, you might like velvet mens suspenders in grey.

The best news is, that you can add a personal touch to each of our suspenders by ordering personalization .

Me and my new Baboshka Team we keep thinking about you and we keep creating for you:))

Have a beautiful weekend