Lately I was asked many times if I am a feminist?

My answer is "YES" but let me explain you my definition of feminism because I have the feeling some people misunderstand the meaning of this word.

For me a feminist is a women who feels and thinks that she has the same rights and deserves as much respect as a men. For me a feminist is a self confident women, who loves herself and wants to live a great life, in a way she wants- in her own unique way. Without any labels.

But it does not mean that men and women are the same, there are many differences between us and that's is beautiful for me and this is what attracts us the most( I am realy grateful for many male friends I have in my life). Being a feminist does not mean for me that I want to reject my femininity. But I hate! being told what I should do with my live AS A WOMEN or how I should look like AS A WOMEN or how I should behave as a women.

What has feminism in common with suspenders?

As you probably know in my store you can find women suspenders:)) From the begining I  called them - REBELS:) I don't see a reason why suspenders should be only for men or why skirts should be only for women. Suspenders for women are not only stylish but for me they are like a statement - "GO GIRL, BE YOU, BE HAPPY, YOU ARE IMPORTANT"

I hope you will feel it while wearing Baboshka's women suspenders