Flying suspenders

This is a short story about how everything started.

I used to work as a flight attendant for 10 years. I felt closed in a metal flying box most of the time. I was unhappy with my life, always depending on flight schedules. I did not feel like a free person, 80% of my life being adjusted to fit my job.

It took me a while to make the decision to change everything and create a business on my own. I did not know exactly what to do ( the idea of making suspenders did not even crossed my mind) and did not have a business plan, but the most motivating thing for me was being able to finally throw away my boring, ugly uniform, and forget about waking up at 5 in the morning!!! Yupiiii!!!

The idea of opening my own shop came unexpectedly.

Baboshka was the beginning of a storm in my life, the beginning of my independence.

I started with a small, cozy shop in the heart of bohemian district in Kraków, Poland, where I lived at the time. The shop's colors and energy attracted many people. I was recognizable in the neighborhood, and many people told me that they felt better after entering my shop.

After a while I discovered Etsy and dared to open my first online shop. It was a big thing for me at the time. Today my products travel all over the world :))) reaching the most remote destinations. This is what I love about my work!

Having Baboshka changed me. I started off as a visionary, unwilling to compromise, and gradually transformed into a businesswoman, combining my own approach to aesthetics with the needs of my customers.

I see my business as a way for me to grow, develop and learn. It challenges me to be strong, patient and focused on the goal, which is the satisfaction of my clients and of myself. I keep growing and changing to make the world a better place, because the most important thing is the happiness of all people.

Now Baboshka has 6 years of experience making accessories of various kinds. We are proud to offer you high quality products, made with precision, care and love, made to make you feel unique, and made to last. We offer Personalized Suspenders and Reversible Suspenders for both men and women. In the Baboshka shop you can also find Unisex Bow Ties, as we don't like gender divisions. We have a also a special collection of wedding suspenders.

I'm always working on new ideas, and hope to surprise you with new products in the future as well.


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